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Project Growkomp

Growkomp has three major tracks: strategic supply of competences, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) / Equality and development of business structure i.e. innovation capability.

Growkomp aims at promoting the development of company structures, attitudes and values within the manufacturing industry, using equality and CSR as the main working Tools, that will contribute to strengthening the manufacturing sector.

Manufacturing businesses will enhance their competitiveness on the market, but also in terms of attractiveness in recruitment-processes as interesting working-environments and arenas for personal growth in the eyes of employees or potential future employees.

A closer attention to the importance of improved equality and an open attitude related to diversity in workplaces will increase the innovation capability and creativity of companies. The objective of Growkomp is to create structural as well as cultural changes that will promote business growth and facilitate companies as they move upwards in the value chain.


Growkomp som finansieras genom ESF , Europeiska Socialfonden innehåller tre tydliga inriktningar: